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UNTITLED (space and waste), series of photographs, large-scale installation, styrofoam

Waste from human activity, more justly put labour human activity, stored in a basement for future usage, probably. The styrofoam is naturally beautiful in the natural darkness – a pragmatic combination, artificial as genesis and economical as quality (people store waste in basement for probable benefit). But anyway, the racionality of the situation can not destroy the darkness as internally natural quality of the basement, neither the geometrical perfection as internally natural quality of the styrophoam waste (or the ethical beauty of sadness from the chaotic piling of unneeded elements as internally natural quality of the styrophoam waste). On the contrary, this internal naturality conquers casuality, and everything one could see is just a good material for contemplation – nothing less and nothing more – good enough to fill many man-hours. This is the beginning of the work. From here on it develops in two general directions – function and space.
The styrofoam elements, for whom until now we’ve been aware to be a functional waste, cease to be such. Put out of the economical logics (people store waste in basement for probable benefit), the styrofoam elements unfold a completely abstract, perfect, unfunctional, unhuman geometry of the circle. Human function has been substituted for unhuman perfection.
The dimensional oppsition is also shocking as contrast – the densed clustering in a small, dark space, familiar as an element of everyday existence, has been substituted for a monumental spatiality. The enormousness of the installation, physically monumental by itself, creates through its form an additional, abstract monumentality – mentally continued, the open catenaries describe a progression of circles much larger than the physical form of the ordered styrofoam elements. The dense triviality has been substituted for a cogitative monumental abstraction.

UNTITLED (light and waste)
series of mirror coated boxes, styrofoam elements
Styrofoam elements, waste of human activity, have been aestheticised to abstraction. The work can once again be viewed as function and space. The functional qualities of the styrofoam elements have been removed through an aesthetical concentration on form. The lack of story-telling is synchronised with the abstractiveness of the constructed space. Apart of being visually abstract, it is also physically abstract, unreal, illusionary. The infinity of the kaleidoscope progression creates an unhuman perfection that opposes the finite, comprehensible dimensional clarity and prosiness of the styrofoam element.

The two presented works of Stela Vassileva continue her interest for aesthetisation of human living and labour – an artistic direction consecutively developed in several of her latest projects.

text: Leda Ekimova






5 BOXES (space and shape)

The boxes, presented in this show are conceived before and apart from the texts and all of their knowledge and terms gathered from the internet. This actually bonds them even better and introduces the viewer to a particular state of predetermination, state where one remains a mere reflection of another self. These reflective voids retain the function of an inner light. As it slides over the form, this hidden light emerges from the deepest, endless darkness. It produces shape, and consequently image, one and the same and permanently different.
Several highlighted phrases from the text (based on Wikipedia), attached serve as a “legend”, which could serve, if necessary, for a more literal reading of the effects that can be monitored in the discrete objects of the exhibition.
The other text is an interview with Nicola Tesla, the Bulgarian translation of which was also recently published in the internet. The presentation of these two texts in reference to the work of Stela Vasileva can be interpreted widely. As it may seem, again, in a very eloquently gracious way things look the way you see them only because of the qualities of light listed here. But let’s stop using text explaining all that, when we don’t need to.
Text: Yovo Panchev

Installation View

Untitled (5 BOXES), 2015, solo exhibition, wood, glass, one-way mirror,
cardboard, LED light, 50 x 50 x 20 cm each, The Fridge, Sofia