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Especially for the drawer of 0gms Stela Vasileva presents the work “Field”. In it, she uses light as a specific material to create space. Contrary to the principle of creating sculpture, where a definite form is shaped, in this particular case the artist deals with the idea of creating a continuous plane. Field is a work that obliterates the boundaries of the real exhibition space, on the spot. Finitude is transformed into infinity, and the darkness of the drawer is replaced by bright light which, however, creates a feeling of emptiness where images are absent. Vladiya Mihailova



04 Field


03 Field

Field, 2011, mirror, LED light, dimensions variable, installation view, solo exhibition, 0gms drawer at ICA, Sofiа, Bulgariа

Labour as an eternity

In the exhibition Formal, labour, machine and worker are all seen outside their usual social context, outside the history of the human technological progress which is full of oppositional and imperfect concepts of the social-labour constructs. The author clears off both the object and herself from all possible accretions and, having remained unburdened, allows herself the intellectual luxury of “formal” observation of her object, of contemplating it without studying it, of using it for imaginary hypnotic constructions of infinite mirror reflections, of discovering it as an almost supernatural phenomenon which would only allow for an aesthetic rapture and languor with the sensation of eternity.
Untitled, 2010, an installation of found objects which Stela Vasileva came across in a powder-coating workshop and brought into the gallery, appears as some weird natural landscape. Dust, as if being sand carried across by winds for centuries, creates an untouched, desert-like and even cosmic picture. Unnecessary metal elements seem to have undergone natural erosion, with their own shape and function having lost meaning amidst the accumulated dust. No, this is not technological scrap: this is nature itself. Leda Ekimova

Untitled 05

Untitled 03




Untitled, 2010, found objects, metal, wood, dust, dimensions variable, installation view, solo exhibition “Formal”, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia