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Installations admin / June 20, 2022

Transposition, 2022, light installation, neon, mirrors, 152 x 189 x 23 cm, Posta space, Sofia

The title borrows the term Transposition from music theory, where it stands for a function through which the key of a song is altered, without changing the melody. The installation uses the parameters of the architecture, creating a kaleidoscopic feeling of shattering the space, where the singular object becomes a pin in an endless matrix. In the tradition of minimalist art, to which Vasileva somehow refers, the object usually stands for itself, without referring to, or representing anything else. Its reading comes from the relations between the object, the space and the viewer. What Vasileva does, however, is endlessly multiplying it through the use of mirrors. The transposition is created by this repetition. For us, the beauty of Stela Vasileva’s work comes from the way she interprets the essence of reality. Quantum physics has been discussing the possibility of a single particle to be at multiple places at the same time. All is charged with possibilities, and the information constructing reality is too much to grasp at once, it is a matter of view point and focus to define what you actually see. Posta Space